Media Relations

Your Media Relations Partner

Small businesses and non-profit organizations need to stay connected with the media.

Share News & Promotions

Not sure who to share your news with? We will help you to figure it out.  We”ll research the best brand and content influencers in your market and manage your press outreach. Have a cool event coming up? Our longstanding relationships with local print and broadcast media can expand your event visibility! We can also help create interesting blog posts and social media content that engages your followers, too. We’re writers…it’s in our DNA.

Tell Great Stories

Stories were made to be told, and we’re sure your organization has a lot to say. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with influencers and media contacts and leveraged those connections to secure coverage for clients in a range of industries. Our coverage portfolio includes placements in top-tier trade and business press, popular lifestyle blogs, and in numerous regional print outlets.

Protect Your Reputation

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Thanks to social media, information takes minutes (sometimes seconds!) to travel. We’ll help your organization identify possible crises and plan for them. In the event of a crisis, we’ll coordinate media responses, serve as spokesperson, and keep stakeholders informed to ensure perceptions about your organization remain positive.

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