Digital Marketing

Engage Your Audience.

While social media is an evolving channel, it’s also a critical component of marketing strategy.  Today, consumers share everything with each another on social media, especially experiences with your business.

And since consumers place more brand value on word-of-mouth reviews and product referrals more than any other media source, can your organization really afford to not be present on social media?

Social media makes it easier to share information and promotions with customers; however, it also helps organizations:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Unlock customer sentiment of existing products and services
  • Find new customers through analysis of audience demographics
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase sales leads

At LM3, we’ll explore the social conversations happening in your industry, and more importantly, what customers are saying about your brand. We’ll help your organization identify the forums and networks your customers are using — and develop creative, useful and shareable content that engages your audiences.

Help Customers Find You Online

Most consumers prefer to spend money at local, small businesses they have grown to develop meaningful and trusting connections with. Consumers value the personal involvement that comes with these relationships and believe small businesses stand behind the products and services they offer. But today, more and more consumers expect to see these same businesses online.

At LM3, we know creating a website can seem overwhelming. It takes time to locate and consider vendors, site options and the services available to you. We believe simple is better, so we offer website development services to clients utilizing the WordPress platform. This easy-to-use platform offers a variety of beautiful, customizable designs, domain mapping and transfer options, media storage solutions, simple website analytics and email packages.

But getting customers to visit your website is only the first step, because great content is what will keep them there, navigating through your website pages, blog posts and other marketing goodies. So we work hand-in-hand with clients to create high-quality web content that’s optimized for search engines.

Tell Your Brand’s Story 

Blogs. Everyone seems to have one, right? While creating a blog takes no time at all, blog writing is really time-consuming, especially for a business owner who’s already got so much on their plate. However, blog posts are not only a great tool to announce and promote events, scholarships, or promotions, they’re also extremely beneficial to your overall website traffic.

You read that right! Your organization’s website can place even higher in search engine results pages just by writing regular search-engine optimized (SEO) blog posts. Even a post once or twice a month is great for link-building and boosting website credibility in search. That’s why we recommend our clients create blog domains and we help craft the unique storylines and brand-building opportunities customers appreciate, too.