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Connect with the media
Well-executed media relations campaigns can reap rich rewards for your business. Journalists are always looking for credible sources, and we’ll help your business become one of them. At LM3, we consider your customers’ needs and how your business helps meet those needs. This ideology helps us create powerful, interesting stories that resonate with media influencers your customers trust most. Learn more ⇒

Engage your social communities
Your small businesses or non-profit organization should have a presence on social media networks to make it easier for customers to connect with you. With at least one social media property, it makes it easier for your organization to source new customers or audiences, monitor competitor activities and maintain company image and reputation. Learn more ⇒ 

Enhance your online presence
An online presence is a must in an Internet-obsessed world. Customers are looking for your services, but they want to access them quickly. Today, your organization has about six seconds to capture audience attention, but just having a website isn’t enough. In order to garner first page search engine results (where you want to be!) your content must be optimized for search engines. Learn more⇒

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