The Difference Between Meta tags and Keywords in SEO

While the differences between #Metatags and website #keywords are clear, search engine spiders use them both in tandem to determine your website content, and determine your page's "validity and authority," which ultimately results in where your small business will rank in the search engine result pages (SERP.)

Create Your Social Media Strategy: 3 Tips for Small Businesses

This goes without saying, but not all social media networks are created equal. In fact, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and therefore offers users very different benefits. When you think strategically about your products and how they help solve a problem, this information will help determine the kinds of content you should be developing and sharing on your social media platforms.

Spring Cleaning: Facebook Edition

Well here we are - spring cleaning our closets, basements and yards in full force! We're recycling, trashing and yard-saling like it's nobody's business.We're committed to a more organized, yet lazy spring. With that said, when's the last time you cleaned up your business Facebook page? If you can't remember the last time, it's time for a refresh! … Continue reading Spring Cleaning: Facebook Edition

One “Organic” Mission; Two Social Approaches

Nowadays, it's impossible to go grocery shopping and not be completely overwhelmed with the food choices available. Of course, growing consumer concerns of increased use of genetically modified organisms, (GMOs) pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic fertilizers used to produce our next meal isn't making food selection any easier. Because of that, many consumers are wading through the noise … Continue reading One “Organic” Mission; Two Social Approaches

Best blogging practices for small businesses

  As you surely know, meaningful content is the bread and butter of social media success! Without engaging, eye-popping content for us to soak up everyday like the little information sponges we are, our social universe would be dry and bland! Unfortunately, not all small businesses have time to sit around and think up creative blogs all … Continue reading Best blogging practices for small businesses