Just Plain Pencil

Just Plain Pencil 

The Product
Just Plain Pencil was founded in 2009 by freelance artist Elaine Moon of Ipswich, MA.  Entirely self-taught, Moon has been producing impressive works of art since she was around 10-years-old. As she grew and her eye became more detailed, she began dabbling into different types of visual expression, including caricature, (of which the likeness of Dumbo and Bambi remained on the Children’s Center Walls of Woburn Hospital for many years) oil and water-based paints, watercolor and recently, graphite pencil sketch.

Using state-of-the-art graphite pencils and sketching pads, Elaine Moon captures even the most dainty of details in her beautiful and lifelike “simple-sketch” drawings. Specializing in animal, scenery and still-life portraits, clients especially enjoy sketched recreations of their pets, with some unique examples below:

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The Problem
While Moon had the talent, she also struggled with finding opportunities to present her art to possible collectors. She was unsure which galleries and independent retail shops might be interested in her art, and struggled to find presentational and promotional opportunities. She was further constricted by a very slim marketing budget and no brand identity; however, she knew she needed to capture new audiences in inexpensive ways, so she turned to LM3 for their branding and social media marketing expertise.

The Solution 
LM3 implemented a brand-building awareness strategy that included the development of the Just Plain Pencil logo and social media channel development, with a strong emphasis on growing Facebook engagement. In addition to creating page “Like” ads and contests to elevate the page’s organic fan growth, LM3 worked to create relationships with local galleries and area businesses through regular channel engagement and cross-channel promotional efforts.

The Results
After 35 days, the Just Plain Pencil page grew more than 68% and enjoyed more than 600 engagements in its first 65 days. In addition to the Facebook fan growth, Moon began to receiving purchase requests on existing inventory and new client orders. She has since had three gallery showings and her artwork has been rebranded as “Designs by Elaine Moon,” in licensed merchandise reprints.

Today, her sketched works are featured for sale at Chrissi’s Cafe at The Ipswich Fish Market of Ipswich, MA; while t-shirt and “everyday” card reprints are available in independent area boutiques.