Why Small Businesses Need Public Relations

Often to be found under a never-ending “to-do” cloud, small ‘biz owners spend their time serving clientele, handling office functions and making appearances. As if they aren’t busy enough, they have to worry about public relations too!

That’s not to say small business owners don’t want to maximize company/brand power–they do. But it can seem overwhelming and PR often lands at the bottom of the to-do pile. Here’s five reasons it shouldn’t:

Public Relations Helps Your Small Business Connect with Customers

PR people aren’t just press release writers. Although we’ll draft your news releases, we plan your corporate events, handle workplace communications, build your marketing collateral and drive search engine traffic to your Website. We’re communicators. Let us communicate your messages for you.

Public Relations Helps your Small Business Connect with Influencers

Maybe I’m biased, but a well-executed media strategy can reap as many sales benefits as pricey advertising campaigns. Journalists are always looking for sources–especially in this very social and rapidly moving social universe. And just like your wingman on Friday night, our relationships with the media bring you and your audience together.

Public Relations Helps your Small Business Connect with the Community

We’re Your Liaisons: We listen to your business goals and create opportunities to advocate them to your community on your behalf. We’ll also help you build partnerships with area businesses through cross-promotions that can create camaraderie for years to come.

Public Relations Helps your Small Business Share News and Promotions

We’ll write your press releases and media alerts, but we’ll coach you through media interviews, too. We’ll ghostwrite your opinion and editorial articles, draft e-newsletters, manage your social media communities and be your company spokesperson.

Public Relations Helps Your Small Business Manage Reputation & Crises

We’re commonly called “fixers,” but we can’t fix everything. Brand reputation is your small business’ most valuable asset. And thanks to social media, information now takes minutes to travel.  All businesses today should have a crisis management plan, and PR people live and breathe reputation management.

We’ll help your small business identify possible crises–even the crazy, batty ones you’ve never thought of–and help you plan for them. We coordinate crisis responses with employees and team members, local government and authorities. We’ll serve as your media spokesperson and inform the press. We’ll also help ensure stakeholders stay informed and public perceptions remain positive.

If you’re ready to assemble your public relations plan, we’re ready to help. Contact us.

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