The Difference Between Meta tags and Keywords in SEO

LM3 Content marketing.pngThe Difference Between Meta tags and Keywords in SEO

What are Meta tags?
Meta tags are the descriptive keyword data written in your website’s HTML coding that tells search engine spiders exactly what the web page is about. #Metatags contain descriptive keywords and phrases that describe your business functions and available products, but can also contain keywords customers might search for to find your #smallbusiness.

While Meta tag data is no longer a vital component of search engine ranking, it is the first bit of information displayed in search query results below your business website link. So don’t ignore it, because if you don’t describe your Meta tag information, search engines will attempt to fill it in for you. You’ve got about 155 available characters – including spaces – so use them to your advantage!  LM3 Google search.png

What are website keywords?
Website keywords are the key words and phrases that describe your small business and are used throughout the website’s visible content. Website #keywords and phrases should be used in the your website page titles, in the header text and sporadically throughout page content. However, don’t overuse keywords – your website can actually be penalized for keyword-stuffing and as a result will lower your website page rank.

Website keywords have a much more prominent effect in search engine algorithm rankings and #SEO results, so be very strategic when developing them. But don’t be too vague in your keywords, either. For example, if you’re an e-commerce sneaker sales company, don’t just use “sneakers” in your keyword content. Consider more long-tail, specific phrases like: “high-quality, running shoes,” or “durable, soccer cleats.”

While the differences between Meta tags and website keywords are clear, search engine spiders use them both in tandem to determine your website content, and determine your page’s “validity and authority,” which ultimately results in where your small business will rank in the search engine result pages (SERP.)

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