Spring Cleaning: Facebook Edition

CleaningWell here we are – spring cleaning our closets, basements and yards in full force! We’re recycling, trashing and yard-saling like it’s nobody’s business.We’re committed to a more organized, yet lazy spring.

With that said, when’s the last time you cleaned up your business Facebook page? If you can’t remember the last time, it’s time for a refresh!

Update “About Me” section:  Take some time to scrutinize your Facebook “About” section and optimize the content. Add industry or product-specific search engine optimized (SEO) keywords or phrases you think fans will use when searching products. Because of the way search engines index social media pages in their algorithm, this improves your business’ ranking in organic search results

Change your cover photo: This is a great time to tap into the season’s attributes! If you own a landscaping company, create a simple photo collage of your best florals. Or if your company has a really cool event or contest approaching, highlight the details in your cover photo! 

Make sure your small business contact information is up-to-date: Social media is all about what’s current “right now!”  Make sure your organization’s phone numbers, emails and website links are accurate. Fans are following you because they want to stay connected, and an old email address or phone number makes it difficult to contact you. Make their lives easier and update this area frequently.

Old Sales Promotions and Outdated Photos: Go through product photos and sales you’ve highlighted in the past. It’s possible some of those products/services have been discontinued and are no longer relevant. Delete and add some new content! 

Now get to cleaning! And be sure to share your best-practice cleaning tips (social or not!) with me below!




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