Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Most consumers prefer to spend money at local, small businesses they have grown to develop meaningful and trusting connections with. Consumers value the close, personal involvement that comes from these relationships and believe small businesses stand behind the products and services they offer. But today, more and more consumers expect to see these same businesses online.

Websites are a small business’s most important sales tool

According to an August 2013 survey conducted by Web.com, 83% of consumers surveyed said having a Website and social media presence was very important to them when choosing to shop at a small business over big box stores. Further, 60% of those respondents said they would take positive actions – such as recommend the small business to a friend, visit the store, learn more information, or make a purchase – if the small business has a website.

These findings tell us consumers value a business with strong website and social media presences, but these findings also tell us consumers view small businesses with Websites with added credibility.

Yet many small businesses still have not created a website. According to the same Web.com survey, less than half (41%) of small businesses surveyed have a Website, meaning the others are missing customer service and sales opportunities.

How can my small business create a website?

Before you think your small business website’s design, make sure you first conduct an Internet keyword search about your industry or offered services. This research provides valuable information about your industry but also produces competitor data. If you’ve never conducted a keyword search, check out why keywords and Meta tags are important for your small business website ranking and search engine optimization.

Once you’ve got a content plan in place, then you can begin to think about where you’ll host your Web page portal. This is a daunting experience, especially when budgets are tight. There are many paid and “build your own” site options available, which vary in price and user design ability, but I find WordPress.com to be one of the most budget-friendly and simple-to-use platforms available – especially when you’re first starting out.

The platform is easy to use and offers a variety of customizable layout options – depending on business needs. In addition, users can purchase and host a personalized Web domain name at WordPress for a small yearly fee. Plus, WordPress.com offers a plethora of support information and “how-to’s” blogger tips in their support centers

Since I mentioned blogs, it’s important to understand bloggers are no longer just bloggers – they’re industry experts sharing their valuable insights with the world! They’re restauranteurs sharing recipes and tips for healthy eating. They’re artists showcasing their work and posting videos of how to sketch. They’re financial advisors who offer strategies for better fiscal planning.

Chances are, your small business has expertise to share too. So while you’re pondering your Website’s birth, think about adding a blog to share your wealth of knowledge!

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10 thoughts on “Why Small Businesses Need a Website

  1. Laurie, I know the first thing I do is look to see if the businesses has web presence. There is something about seeing their knowledge and skill online gives me comfort knowing they took the time and effort to put their image out there for all to see. It also breaks down the challenges and barriers that may exist in doing business in a mundane world. Interesting post!


  2. I am surprised at the statistic regarding the percentage of small businesses that have a website! Only 41% is pretty sad! Haha. I can’t imagine not having a wesbite to direct my customers to. It’s important for people to be able to browse in the comfort of their own home and privacy to make a decision. I remember hearing once, that when customers have the ability to do a little research before they purchase, in the end, they are a better customers and feel as though they were able to make the decision for themselves, rather than in front of someone selling the service or product.

    Nice post integrating some facts and personal insight on small business social media presence. I think strategy is key, as you mentioned, knowing what you content will be and building your site in a way that drives search results.

    Right on target about how bloggers are no longer just sharing their daily feelings and experiences like a diary. It has become a whole new world of writing and knowledge-sharing for all ages!


    1. Hi Ashley – I agree with your sentiment that consumers feel better when they have an active role in the selection of a product they purchase. Consumers need control through all aspects of the purchase process so they don’t suffer the “consumer regret” cycle that’s common with impulse buys. Thanks again for your thoughts! Best, Laurie


  3. Great post Laurie! I really liked your first paragraph how you instantly grab your readers attention. Then you provided very valuable information about the importance of small business owners to have a web presence. It’s hard to believe that nearly half of small business owners don’t have a web page. I couldn’t agree more with you. For instance, many times I have used Yelp.com to read reviews about different spa’s and even restaurant’s but if I can’t find their webpage or if they don’t have one I simply go on to the next choice. I almost feel that a legitimate restaurant or spa should have a webpage. Thanks!


    1. Hi there – I’m glad you found the post informative! We’re in agreement that businesses should have some sort of Web presence. Even if they don’t have the time/resources for a Website, Facebook is the next best thing for content – sometimes even better now that they’re incorporating e-commerce stores via the Facebook platform! Thanks for your comment. Best, Laurie


  4. Hey Laurie,

    Thanks for this awesome post!
    I really enjoyed reading it. It also was very informative since it also provided some insight into WordPress. As a new WP user, I found it very helpful and interesting. It’s also crazy how bloggers websites have basically become a platform for themselves, their blog posts and a launching pad for many other outlets.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Lindsey – I’m glad to hear the insights into WordPress were helpful. I am still learning new tricks and tips – even though I’ve been using WordPress for myself and a couple clients for a while now. Thanks for your comment! Best, Laurie


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