Why Small Businesses Must be Tweeting!

Image Credit: CahootsBlog.com
Image Credit: CahootsBlog.com

For some strange, cosmic reasons I have yet to understand, I keep discovering small businesses that don’t have a Twitter presence. Their reasoning: “But we’re a small business. Will people really find us? Will it really drive more sales?”


Twitter is the gateway to connecting with industry influencers, attracting new customers and networking with other area small businesses – which can create loads of opportunities for new connections, (and new business!) and here’s a few reasons why:

1. Boost Exposure: Twitter is a great portal to bring your brand to your audience – large or small. Just make sure you’re using industry-relevant hashtags and keywords to maximize your audience reach. Remember: writing sharp, concise and engaging tweets is nearly pointless if your hashtags aren’t targeted appropriately, or worse – not used at all.  So, do your research – monitor your industry’s latest discussions, and then develop brand-generated content that’s easily incorporated into those discussions in a unique way.

2. Connections – Let’s be friends!: I love people, and I love to converse with people – no matter the medium! I’ve met lots of really insightful individuals just utilizing the power of “everyday chat” on Twitter. My dog would agree with this sentiment…if he could. He has become quite the Twitter colleague favorite! So attempt to regularly engage with influencers you have chosen to follow before you start throwing your brand content at them – you’ll build a more pressure-free and friendly connection with them.

3. Publicity! (Please?): Journalists use Twitter on the daily to find sources. And we PR pros very much enjoy directing them to our sources! But sometimes, they bypass press contacts directly and reach out to a brand via Twitter. Technology is quirky, email is glitchy and journalists are stressed enough because of tight deadlines. So make sure your business follows journalists that cover your industry beats, so you can capitalize on those publicity opportunities. Also, don’t forget our regional daily and weekly pals – these folks love to highlight local businesses and events, so make sure you’re connected! But if you’re still not convinced your biz could benefit from a little PR love, check out this article.

4. Stalking Competition..(evil sneer): OK, so EVERY business stalks each other. But it’s still fun to feel like a rebel, isn’t it? 🙂 But seriously, Twitter is a great medium to find out what your competition is doing, what conversations they’re a part of, their latest trends, new products, and um, OH!… their Twitter contacts! In fact, you should pay very close attention to whom they’re following (and who’s following them!) – because many of those connections are also your potential customers.

What other some other reasons your biz uses and loves Twitter?

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