Daily reflection: Practicing Goodwill in the “I’m too busy” era!

ImageIn the grand spirit of Easter (and I realize my readers may not be Catholic, so I’m sure this will displease, but none-the-less) I’d like to remind you all to be good to each other.

How many lives do you think you have anyway? Once that light goes out, kids – we’re outta here. We don’t get to pull a “do-over” or edit our mistakes. That’s it. Finito. 

Here’s some tips of how not to be a clown. Yes, really.

Example 1: Take a moment and hold a door open for a stranger. It only hurts for a second, and even then, not that long. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead. So if you notice someone with their hands full of laundry, and you’re exiting empty-handed, be a nice person and HOLD THE DOOR.

Example 2: Let people go if they’re in the middle of the road trying to get out into traffic. Do you want to be the clown that goes around them and hits someone else? Nah. Walk in their shoes – or in this case, drive. You’d like someone to stop for you, too.

Example 3: That poor soul in front of you at the supermarket checkout is short $1.00 to pay the bill. Don’t be a clown and sigh and stomp your feet behind them. Just GIVE it. Saves less time than searching for the item that put the total over, calling over the manager, and scrolling through the grocery list to delete it. Fork it over-you don’t need that Snickers bar anyway.

I promise doing little “good deeds” don’t go unnoticed in the universe. Karma is all around us. Be nice to each other. Treat others as you want to be treated. It’s a zillion-year-old rule.

And with that – don’t tailgate. That’s just plain dangerous and suggests you really want an insurance premium increase. 🙂

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