Non-profits: More profitable than you think!

Well, here I am. Dipping my feet into the real PR world.

In one of the last classes a senior takes-Case Studies- students are presented with a very unique opportunity-to act as communication consultants to real-time clients.

Through the EXPECT Program, students can truly exercise writing, researching, editing, and design skills; and gain hands-on, real-time client experience.  While working in an intern-situation, you may not necessarily get those chances.

Our group, VIKING Communications, is comprised of three public relations persons and one advertising person. VIKING Communications was tasked with providing event-planning, media relations and graphic-design assistance to non-profit organization Salem Main Streets (SMS.) Located in Salem, Mass., SMS is responsible for re-energizing business in downtown Salem through business recruitment and promotion. For your reference, please view the Salem Main Streets Mission Statement.

VIKING Communications has brainstormed and created organizational strategies we believe will serve SMS best.

Our suggestions:

  • create a new, improved SMS logo
  • refresh organization brochure
  • create a Twitter account: Assist in micro-blogging for event promotion
  • promote Salem’s So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival through media outreach and Facebook
  • write news articles/press release promoting Salem Film Festival– kick-off February 26
  • pitch all-new Salem Health & Wellness Week to Salem News


Personal thoughts: I’ve always had a sustaine d interest in non-profit and I’ve spent the last eight years volunteering for various organizations on the North Shore. The jobs are scarce, and pay is below what I’d make in an agency, but what an opportunity to do work for great causes! You’re forced to use your skills in cost-efficient ways, and really make a difference for organizations.

Share your thoughts!

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